The Book of Hebrews - Part 8

Someone said “You can’t have a testimony without a test.” How do you hold up when you face some blowback when sharing your faith in Messiah Yeshua? God wants you to trust Him in all things and at all times–this is the thrust of the Book of Hebrews. Emunah, or faith, is believing that in everything, God either caused it or allowed it.

In this teaching, Pastor Ralph Finley digs a little deeper into what the writer was intending which is the one who is Messiah in His humanity. The fact that He was born to a woman and walked among those of His time showed that He is one of us, human beings, so that He could be the great High Priest that can identify with all that we go through as human beings. Then He can be the perfect Mediator, representing both Heaven and Earth, perfectly.

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