Sabbath: Signs, Patterns and Customs

Continuing his teaching on the subject of the Sabbath, Pastor Ralph further expands the meaning of 'signs' and their ordained importance in our lives. These signs point to something and usually for the glory of Elohim.

Then we learn about how Yeshua continued the pattern and custom of keeping, observing and guarding the Shabbat; even reproving and re-teaching the religious system of his day as to what the Sabbath was all about.

Then after Yeshua's resurrection we see the apostles continuing the pattern and custom of going to where the congregation met, the synagogue, on Shabbat. Not only do we find the Jewish people attending synagogue but, we find in the book of Acts that there were also 'Gentiles' or those of other nations attending synagogue, even before hearing about Messiah Yeshua. This message is crucial to the foundation of what we believe and why we believe it.

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