Sabbath: How Did We Get There?

How did we get from a people who in times past observed the weekly Sabbath to a people who believe that the Sabbath is no longer relevant, or in some extreme cases, it is wrong to observe the Sabbath. Of course, we are talking about the seventh day that was set apart from creation to be a sign. In this message Pastor Ralph Finley moves into the reasons why the seventh day Sabbath is viewed in such ways. He reviews from the last message the fact that in the first century there were Gentiles present in the synagogues every Sabbath to learn about the Elohim of Creation. Pastor Ralph helps us to understand that Constantine was not the sole reason for the change but that starting at the end of the first century through the next few hundred years that there were many contributing factors to the changing of the observance of the seventh day. Do you have those in your life that would give you a hard time about keeping Sabbath? Pastor Ralph shares some personal stories of how you can take someone through the writings of the Apostles to prove the validity of Sabbath observance. He also exhorts us to not berate others who may hold their services on another day than the seventh day, that there is not just one day of worship but that a person is free to worship every day if he/she so chooses. Don't miss this teaching!

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