The Book of Hebrews: Part 25 | Ralph Finley | 19 Aug 2017

Pastor Ralph continues his series on the book of Hebrews, discussing the biblical doctrine of baptism.  He reviews the various washings found in the Old Testament in order to help listeners gain a better understanding of the historical context for these washings in the first century.  

He then examines the baptisms that occur in Acts chapters 2 and 8 to see how the early apostles applied the immersion/baptism that Yeshua taught.  Pastor Ralph goes on to Romans 6:3 to make a case for believer's baptism -- that is, for baptism as an outward sign of what has already happened within a believer spiritually (i.e. new birth, regeneration).


Being Obedient to What God Asks Us to Do | Marcellus Powell | 12 August 2017

We tend to forget about the promises God has made to us.  Pastor Marcellus encourages Christians to simply be obedient to the things God has asked us to do, and not worry about what other people are (or are not) doing.

God is gracious, and has given us all we need to walk in righteousness, and not fall.



The Book of Hebrews: Part 24 | Ralph Finley | 5 Aug 2017

Hebrews 6 speaks about washings that occurred in the first century.  Pastor Ralph delves into the historical context of washings in the Bible -- both their literal and symbolic meaning -- and traces their usage first in the Torah, and then their later elaboration in the Prophets, and appearance in later Jewish writings and thought.

Pastor Ralph then takes this theological and historical context and applies it to the Apostolic Scriptures, to help listeners gain a better understanding of the meaning and significance of mikvah (baptism) in the first century.

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